Florita Welsh

Florita Welsh Family Attorney

Florita Welsh

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Email: fwelsh@bastinelaw.com

Navigating this world with just two wheels on the ground and nothing but here feet to pedal her way around with the wind at her back is how Florita enjoys spending her free time. She finds is the time most of her creative juices flow.

Just as Florita knows how hard riding in an MS150 is and how much training is involved, she dedicates her work life to helping families get through difficult times. She understands that these are trying times and takes the time to listen to her clients to determine their needs rather than just focusing on the legal battle.

Understanding the clients needs and desires ultimately provides the foundation for the legal situation. Just as you cannot pedal your way through an MS150 without training. Florita knows she cannot represent her clients without truly understanding her clients needs and desires.

Florita focuses solely on family law matters. As a family law attorney she handles divorce, child custody, child support, modifications and enforcements.


  • State Bar of Texas
  • United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas
  • United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern Districk of Texas
  • Stonewall Law Association of Greater Houston