Nurturing, Caring And Tenacious Family Representation

“I began this business¬†with a heart for helping others. At the age of 9 I knew I was destined to be a litigator just like my father. The first time I walked into his courtroom I immediately felt at home and I knew that was where I belonged.”

Ronique Bastine Robinson of Bastine and Associates approached her dream with true tenacity. By the age of 22 as the youngest member of her class, she completed her studies in law. She says, “I was so enamored with the law I was licensed by the time I walked across the stage…and ready to live my dream!”

After graduation, Ronique began her successful career as a criminal defense lawyer. “As a litigator I lend my voice to people who are going through the most difficult times of their lives,” says Ronique. “Pursuing family law was a natural progression. My father had been an associate judge in the family law center and watching him preside had always been inspiring.” So after leaving the practice of criminal law, Ronique founded Bastine and Associates, specializing in family law.
“My philosophy,” says Ronique, “is that everyone deserves both impassioned advocacy and strategic representation. ” One of the few board certified attorneys in Fort Bend County, and the only one in Stafford, Ronique is here when you and your family need her. “When you come to us for family law, wills and trusts, or juvenile defense,” says Ronique, “we offer an innovative approach to solving both common and complex issues. We can help you navigate emotionally difficult situations with grace and strength, so you can begin the next chapter in your life with confidence.”
A resident of Fort Bend County since 1993, Ronique and her husband have built a life here. “It’s a wonderful place to raise our three children,” says Ronique, “Great schools and great family oriented activities. We also have a rich cultural atmosphere that embraces spiritual values. I couldn’t ask for more!”
Anyone contemplating divorce willingly or unwillingly can reap the benefits of Ronique’s caring legal, spiritual, and personal experience in her book, From Divorce to Deliverance: Divorce Doesn’t (Have to) Mean Devastation, available through Amazon. Ronique has a passion for sharing her knowledge with others! Save the date for the firm’s family law conference cruise set to sail on June 23, 2016.

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