From Silent Nights to Happy Holidays

Being alone for the holidays can make every night feel silent. For those who are recently divorced, the absence of a spouse or children during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is enough to give anyone the holiday blues.

Bastine Law Group founder Ronique Bastine Robinson and her team of attorneys have made it their mission to practically navigate clients through both the complex legalities of divorce, as well as the emotional journey that accompanies the process. Ronique says, “For many, the holidays are traditionally a happy time. But people not in a good place may shrink away. In collaboration with life coach Gail Armaty we propose some ways to face the holidays, and even enjoy them, if your family dynamics have changed.”
  • Start a new tradition. “Many transitions from one parent to the other occur around December 28th. If you didn’t have your kids on Christmas Day, celebrate another day! You can still decorate and play holiday music. Plus different events throughout the city run through the New Year. You can still see holiday light shows, plays and performances the week after Christmas, giving you and your kids the holiday experience.”
  • Volunteer. “If you are alone, get out of your own space. Volunteering is a great opportunity to not focus on you. The food banks and even your church are usually looking for a few helping hands during the holidays. Plus, volunteering has a way of making one appreciate their own situation a little bit more!”
  • Travel. “Maybe you’ve been eyeing that cruise for years. Why not jump on board? Or if you haven’t visited distant relatives (even after multiple invites), this year it might be time for a road trip. You just might start another new tradition!”

Ronique’s book, From Divorce to Deliverance: Divorce Doesn’t (Have to) Mean Devastation, further walks you through what to expect when involved in a divorce and the changes you’ll face. If you’re expecting many “Silent Nights” this holiday, take heart. “It does get better,” says Ronique. “Your holiday might look different…but Happy Holidays can still be yours.”

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