How to Choose an Attorney

If you’re in need of an attorney, chances are you’ve found yourself in an emotionally difficult situation like divorce or custody. It might be “easiest” to just hire the first attorney you come by, or the one that charges the least.

Ronique Bastine Robinson, founder of Bastine Law Group, says, “Proceed with caution. Your attorney should be your advocate, helping you navigate through the legal system and the legalese involved. That said, your attorney needs to be extremely knowledgeable in your area, and passionate about your case. For example, custody cases can be a game of chess, not checkers. Your attorney, or even better your team of attorneys, needs to be able to see the next move…and the next, and the next, and the next. A great attorney goes to bat for you again and again and again.”

Bastine Law Group has five in-house attorneys and an administrative staff…and it’s still growing! What does that mean for you? “It means your case gets different perspectives,” says Ronique. “It means you can be assigned a primary and secondary attorney, which is beneficial when the secondary is more economical and can take on parts of the case under the primary’s supervision. And it means our administrative staff takes care of the small stuff, like making copies of your files.”

Do you know what “.law” at the end of an internet address means? It’s new, and it’s the only trusted domain for legal professionals. Ronique says, “A law firm with a .law domain has been verified that it’s regulated and licensed to practice law. And it’s another way to weed through the attorney maze!”  

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