Christians Get Divorced Too

Karen Tillman was married in 2002. Twelve years and two kids later, Karen found herself in the midst of a divorce. She says, “I was really stuggling with the morals and ethics of being a Christian woman and getting a divorce.”

Karen attends the same church as Ronique Bastine Robinson, founder of Bastine Law Group. Ronique was also Karen’s divorce atttorney. Karen says, “To be honest, I was at first taken aback by their slogan, ‘The Family Law Firm that Cares about Families,’ because my family was being torn apart. But Ronique is unique and also a Christian woman. She does care about my family. She helped me to understand that no one is perfect. That the divorce rate is 50% both inside the church walls and outside of them, and we are Christian women and Christian women get through this. Ronique was also capable, efficient and responsive as an attorney…but there are hundreds of lawyers out there like that. I needed more. I didn’t just need an attorney, I needed that extra connection to help me stay strong and Ronique provided that for me.”

This story has a happily ever after. Eighteen months ago, Karen married Hugh. They were married by Karen and Ronique’s pastor, and they are raising their three children together. Karen has found happiness after divorce, and she is grateful for Ronique’s Christian guidance and support through it all.
Ronique’s book, From Divorce to Deliverance: Divorce Doesn’t (Have to) Mean Devastation, further walks you through what to expect when involved in a divorce and a Christian approach to the changes you’ll face. Ronique says, “Divorce is difficult, but you’re not alone. People do it, get over the hurdle and are stronger for having made the journey. Karen’s been given a second chance at life and love. Never lose sight of the fact that your happiness is important!”

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