Bastine Law: We Stand by Your Side

When Art Williams entered a custody battle for his eight-year-old son, he asked a psychologist friend to recommend an attorney. His friend recommended Ronique Bastine Robinson, founder of Bastine Law Group…and Art could not be more thrilled with the outcome. Art says, “Ronique stood by me for two years. Together with her high-profile team of lawyers, she was persistent and on top of it. And in that time, she never increased my hourly rate.”

“This case is a great example of why you should be careful and attentive when choosing an attorney for a custody situation,” says Ronique. “As we did for Art, a great attorney goes to bat for you again and again and again. Your attorney, or even better your team of attorneys, needs to be extremely knowledgeable in your area and passionate about your case. They are your advocate, helping you navigate through the legal system and the legalese involved. And custody cases can be a game of chess, not checkers. Your attorney needs to be able to see the next move…and the next, and the next, and the next.”

Fort Bend has been home to Bastine Law Group for more than 30 years. Ronique is one of the few lawyers in our area certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Family Law, and she has a team of five in-house attorneys and an administrative staff (and it’s still growing!) What does that mean for you? “It means your case gets different perspectives,” says Ronique. “It means you can be assigned a primary and secondary attorney, which is beneficial when the secondary is more economical and can take on parts of the case under the primary’s supervision. And it means our administrative staff takes care of the small stuff, like scheduling appointments and file management.”

“My son is now a well-adjusted sophomore at MIT,” beams Art. “I can’t thank Ronique enough for staying with me until everything was settled. I highly recommend Ronique and her team. In fact, I have already done so to friends in need of her expertise.”

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