Empathetic and Objective Family Law Solutions

Bastine Law Group, the local family and criminal law firm founded by Ronique Bastine Robinson three decades ago, is thrilled to welcome attorney Karen Agom Egbuna.

Karen became interested in law when she was a child. “Or maybe I was groomed to be a lawyer,” laughs Karen. “My parents always remarked how my assertiveness and advocacy at home would make for a great attorney. It was the pathway I wanted to follow and a profession that I wanted to be a part of.”

Born and raised in Houston, Karen earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Trinity University in 2010. In 2014, she graduated from Howard University Law School in Washington D.C. After passing the New York bar exam, Karen practiced administrative law working for the federal government in D.C. She says, “I always knew I wanted to come back to Texas. The pandemic provided the opportunity to work remotely in Houston, and I really enjoyed being back home.”

“Administrative law is not big in Houston,” continues Karen. “So moving here required a new trajectory. I also knew in my heart that I wanted a legal job that involves more interaction with clients. I longed for meaningful work where day to day I could see the impact of my involvement and feel connected to people. A Bastine Law Group attorney reached out to me about an open position. I applied, and it was a good fit. My entry into family law was accidental but by design…it’s exactly what I was looking for.”

At Bastine Law Group, Karen practices the entire gamut of family law, including estate planning, prenups, divorce, custody, and modifications. She’s a zealous advocate that cares sincerely about people. “No one is ever just a client,” explains Karen. “I see individuals and the struggles they’re trying to overcome. Family law is a special dance where you have to both know the law and provide counsel of the law. I guide my clients through that process. I’m empathetic yet objective, providing concrete and creative solutions for people. I believe family is a huge pillar of life. I aim to move forward in a way that preserves the new family unit an individual is trying to build. I enjoy working at Bastine Law Group, a minority, woman-owned law firm that provides excellent representation. Here, Ronique has created a wealth of knowledge. We have the necessary tools and resources at our fingertips to succeed.”

In 30 years, Bastine Law Group has grown from two attorneys to more than 10. The practice now has three locations. Ronique says, “My ultimate goal has always been to help clients navigate the legal process as smoothly as possible…to put individuals back on track in life and moving forward. Karen shares this philosophy with me. Please join me in welcoming Karen to the Bastine Law Group family!”

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