Family Law

Family Law

Going through a family law dispute is taxing. Whether it involves a divorce, custody battle, property dispute, or modification, the implications are tremendous. Such cases require numerous variables to consider. When a spouse hides or transfers assets, when protecting your children is a priority, and when disputes escalate beyond control – you need clarity and answers. We are there to advise and advocate on your behalf and in your best interests.

At Bastine Law Group, we are committed to helping you navigate legal matters – big and small. With over 20 years of experience in family law litigation, we have successfully represented clients throughout the State of Texas, particularly in Fort Bend and the surrounding counties.

Bastine Law Group

Our team of legal professionals is dedicated to addressing each client’s unique needs with personalized attention that establishes and achieves sound objectives.

We understand personal situations and recognize the gravity of needing to move forward through the legal system. Our goal is to put you back on the path to normalcy while leaving the unpleasantness of divorce in your wake. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to sensitive family concerns.

Business Transactions

Factors affecting a business can change daily, while other matters require months of strategic planning. No matter what stage of the business life cycle your company is in, Bastine Law Group can assist with strategy and execution.

Our attorneys represent entrepreneurs, start-ups, established companies and business owners in a variety of industries. We act as your full-service outside general counsel when the business does not either have the need or budget to have a full-time general counsel on its staff.

Criminal Law

Whether you are facing a felony or a misdemeanor charge, Bastine Law Group will vigorously uphold your rights and interests. It is imperative to seek the advice of a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible in order to protect your rights. Our attorneys have earned the right to number ourselves among the very best and offer premier representation for your case.


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