Business Transactions

Legal Business Transactions

Business Formation and Agreements

As a new and aspiring business owner, we can assist you with the legal, financial, and contractual issues related to starting a business. We can advise you during the process of choosing an entity such as LLC, corporation, S corporation, non-profit, partnership, and LLC. Depending on the selected entity, we’ll also assist with other legal aspects of business formation including:

  • Federal Employer Identification Numbers

  • Shareholder agreements

  • Operating agreements

  • By-laws

  • Employment agreements

  • Employee manuals

  • Severance agreements

Legal Planning

We have many years of experience providing legal planning, counsel and advice to businesses as they grow.  For more information, please contact us regarding your specific need.


Some business challenges are too significant to tackle alone. Between internal disputes, regulatory problems, service agreements, and concerns involving accounting and corporate structure, nuanced business litigation requires an exceptional legal advisor.

Our litigators combine a broad knowledge base with acute understanding client needs and industry positions. We guide companies and business owners through the gamut of business litigation issues at every stage, from initial planning and administration to mediation and regulatory compliance.