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Like all states, Texas requires parents to financially support their children. When parents separate or divorce or where they have never been married, child support becomes an important issue. It is considered a right for the child as opposed to what a parent does or does not want to do. Thus, a court may order one parent or both parents to pay child support depending on the circumstances. However, the most common scenario is that the parent who spends the least amount of time with the child will be obligated to make support payments for the child’s benefit to the other parent. 

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Child Support in Texas

If you need advice or guidance in determining child support, enforcing it, or modifying it when circumstances for you or your child have substantially changed, you can turn to Bastine Law Group. Our team of family law attorneys is deeply experienced in helping parents with this issue. While the state of Texas provides guidelines for calculating child support, these guidelines can involve many factors that can impact the final result. Our firm can assist in helping you secure a fair and just outcome. 

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Child Support Payments

The formula for calculating child support in Texas is based on several factors, starting with a parent’s gross income after which certain allowable deductions are made. Once the net income is determined, it will be impacted by how many children the paying parent will be supporting. Health insurance is another factor that either the paying parent or the other parent may be responsible for, depending on the circumstances.

Texas courts assume that the support payment calculated by applying the guidelines will be appropriate. However, the amount determined can be adjusted up or down if it can be shown to the court that the payment is unfair or not in a child’s best interests. As a parent, you will have to request the court to adjust a payment before it formally issues a child support order. When doing so, the court will evaluate many factors to determine if the payment should be adjusted. 

Examples of the factors the court may review can include but are not limited to: 

  • Parental financial assets, reserves, and debts
  • The needs of the child, especially in terms of child care, educational costs, travel costs between homes, extracurricular expenses, and medical expenses where a child has special needs 
  • Spousal maintenance payments 
  • How much time the child spends with each parent
  • Any other financial or other circumstance relevant to the case

The first step in child support is to have the support payment established through the courts. This makes it legally binding and enforceable. Those obligated to make child support payments are legally required to do so. If they do not, the order can be enforced through the courts. Child support payments can also be modified when a parent or the child has experienced a substantial change in circumstances, such as employment changes for a parent or a child facing increased medical expenses due to an illness or injury. These payments can only be changed by a court order. 

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